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Your skills, your experience, your future. We’re here to guide your transition.
Career Consulting
Career Consulting
Let's help you identify your next career move in the civilian workforce!
Let's simplify how recruiters understand your skill set by revamping your resume and LinkedIn profile.
Mock Interviews
Mock Interviews
The civilian work culture is vastly different from military culture. Understanding how to fit in and knowing what questions to expect is crucial.
Job Placement Assistance
Job Placement Assistance
What you know is important, but so is who you know. Let our connections serve your interests

Ready to Trade Your Combat Boots for a Business Suit? Sub Hero: Discover a Career Path That Celebrates Your Military Experience

Navigating the civilian job market can be complex. Our career consulting service is here to simplify it, helping you pinpoint roles that fit your skills and goals. You’ll receive guidance on evaluating options and setting strategic career objectives that make your military skills shine in the civilian world.

Your Service Record Deserves a Civilian Upgrade Sub Hero: Make Your First Impression Count with a Professional Online Presence

Crafting a resume and LinkedIn profile that speak the language of civilian recruiters is crucial. We focus on transforming your military expertise into marketable skills that stand out, ensuring your digital and paper personas effectively showcase your value to potential employers.

From the Front Lines to Front Offices Sub Hero: Leverage Our Network to Find Opportunities That Fit Your Skills

Building a professional network is essential for a successful transition. We connect you with recruitment agencies and employers who appreciate the unique skills of veterans, facilitating introductions and networking opportunities that align with your career aspirations.

From Military Precision to Corporate Proficiency Sub Hero: From Application to Offer—Guiding You Every Step of the Way

The civilian interview process can seem daunting. We provide you with tailored mock interviews, personalized feedback, and application support, empowering you to approach each step with confidence and to effectively communicate your military background as a strong asset.

Turning Military Experience into Civilian Success

At Enlightened, we get it—transitioning from military to civilian life can be tough. Our dedicated team is here to support you every step of the way. We provide tailored career advice, help you craft a standout resume, and prepare you for interviews, all while translating your valuable military skills into language that resonates with civilian employers. We’ve helped thousands of veterans navigate this journey, and we’re here to help you find a fulfilling and rewarding career.

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  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Hands-On Job Application Support
  • Mock Interview Sessions
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