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Think of us as your all-in-one career helper. We’re here to be your career coach, your interview prep expert, and your job application strategist. Don’t miss another opportunity. Speak to one of our career consultants toda

What do we have to offer?

  • Career Consulting: We have a proven track record with an 88% success rate in securing pay raises for our clients, thanks to our strategic planning that includes negotiation tactics and exploring new opportunities.
  • Interview Preparation: Our expert guidance ensures that 82% of our clients’ interviews result in job offers, helping you make a memorable impact.
  • Professional Branding: Tailored to your unique experience and the demands of the current job market, we overhaul your resume and LinkedIn profile. This approach has been effective in reducing our clients’ job search duration to 2-3 months and boosting their interview calls by 72%.
  • Client Referral Program: Leverage our extensive network to connect with influential decision-makers. We’ve assisted 232 clients in finding their ideal roles through this program.
  • Applied 4 You: Our deep understanding of the market allows us to efficiently navigate your job search, successfully placing 185 clients in their dream jobs.

Decisions informed by knowledge

Because we know IT. Our team is crafted from the finest IT recruiters and hiring managers from the biggest names in tech. Our certified consultants and resume writers bring a wealth of knowledge that’s unparalleled. And our research department? They’re your eyes and ears in the job market, keeping tabs on every shift and trend. With Enlightened, you’re not just making a move. You’re making a statement.

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Resume Writing

Let's translate your tech skills into the language of success. Our resumes don't just list your experience; they narrate your story, highlighting the impact you've made.

Mock Interview

Think of us as your personal interview coach. We prep you with the insights and strategies to handle even the most daunting technical and behavioral questions.

Career Coaching

Our coaches are your strategic partners in navigating the IT career maze, helping you make smart, informed decisions that propel you forward.


Applied 4 You

We streamline your job search by handling applications and matching you with ideal opportunities. Our Client Referral Program also provides quick access to top-quality jobs.

The Enlightened Advantage

What sets us apart? It’s our unique process, our insider’s perspective, and our commitment to your career. We don’t just prepare you for the job market; we redefine your place within it.

Invest in Yourself: The Enlightened Way

Senior IT professionals face a unique set of challenges: blending technical expertise with personal brand, navigating complex job markets, and standing out in a field of innovators. Enlightened is your strategic ally, transforming these challenges into stepping stones for success.

Join the Ranks of Success

Our clients don’t just advance in their careers – they lead the way. They’re the success stories behind the services we offer. With Enlightened, you’re not just climbing the career ladder; you’re being lifted to new heights.

Ready to Illuminate Your Career Path?

This isn’t just about finding a new job. It’s about crafting a career that’s as innovative as the technology you love. Partner with Enlightened and make your next career move with confidence


Explore Our Services

Your career is your legacy. Let’s build it together. With Enlightened, your investment is more than a service; it’s the future you’ve always envisioned. Make it count.

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