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Applied 4 You | Client Referral Program

“Fast-Track to Success: Seamlessly Connecting Talent with Top Opportunities”

Applied 4 You

  • Unlimited Customized Job Applications
  • Comprehensive Job Search Capabilities
  • Double Entries in Client Referral Program
  • Daily Progress Reports
  • Integration with All Major Job Platforms
  • Direct Email Communication with Recruiters and Companies

Applied 4 You

Our Applied 4 You program is designed to make your job search as efficient and effective as possible. Here’s how it works:

Upon subscribing, you will promptly receive a welcome email containing a detailed, step-by-step guide for setting up your account. Access to your account will be granted within 24 hours, ensuring you are ready to go!

With the Applied 4 You program, we handle the heavy lifting of your job application process, allowing you to focus on preparing for the next step in your career journey.

Client Referral Program

Our Client Referral Program is a unique network created through our extensive connections. Here’s how it works:

  1. Exclusive Network: We’ve partnered with 80 staffing agencies and 1,012 active recruiters. Our network is continuously expanding.

  2. Your Profile in the Right Hands: We serve as an exclusive source of well-qualified, active candidates for these recruiters and agencies. We ensure your profile and resume are only shared with those hiring for roles that match your interests.

  3. Tailored Referrals: Depending on the package you choose, your resume and profile are referred to opportunities that align with your career goals.

  4. Proven Success: In 2023 alone, our program successfully helped 232 clients secure their dream jobs.

The Missing Piece that Brings the Puzzle Together

You’ve put in the work and earned your qualifications. But success isn’t just about achievements—it’s about presentation. Ready to stand out in the crowd? Let’s dive into the branding game.

How can it benefit you?

Cut your hiring time from the market average of 6 months to just 2-3 months.
For Example: If it takes you 6 months to find a new role, that's essentially a $60k gap based on your previous salary. Now, what if we could trim down your job search to just 2 months? You'd effectively save $40k.
High Quality Application Tailored To Your Interest (Applied 4 You)
Our service streamlines your job search by efficiently handling the typically 30-minute application process, saving you time and stress. This approach increases your chances of landing better job opportunities, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.
It's Not Just What You Know! It's Who You Know! (Client Referral Program)
Let our connection serve your interest .Our client referral program helped 232 clients find their ideal jobs
Extensive Network Access (Client Referral Program)
of 80 staffing agencies and over 1,000 recruiters, increasing your exposure to potential employers.
Personalized Job Matching (Client Referral Program)
Your profile is shared only with recruiters and agencies that have job openings aligning with your interests, ensuring a better fit.
Proven Success Rate (Client Referral Program)
With 232 clients landing their dream jobs in 2023 alone, the program has a track record of success.
Organized Communication (Applied 4 You)
A dedicated email account is created for your job search, keeping all job-related communications streamlined and in one place.
Direct Company Applications (Applied 4 You)
Applications are made directly on company websites, ensuring your profile is retained in their databases for future opportunities.
Weekly Progress Reports (Applied 4 You)
Stay informed with weekly reports detailing all the applications submitted on your behalf, complete with links and job descriptions.

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