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The transition from college to a career can be overwhelming. But with our tailored services, you’re
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Career Consulting

Navigating Career Choices? Chart your path with precision. Dive into a tailored session where we align your unique strengths with the right career avenues. Discovering your true potential has never felt this clear.

Resume Writing

Looking to Stand Out? Your journey deserves the spotlight. Our expertise turns your academic and experiential milestones into a compelling narrative. With our touch, your resume won't just join the pile—it'll top it.

Mock Interview

Facing Interview Uncertainties? Perfect your pitch in our mock interview arena. We simulate the real experience, prepping you with insightful feedback.

Applied 4 You

Overwhelmed by the Application Process? Focus on your future, and let us handle the paperwork. Introducing "Applied 4 You"—where your dream jobs meet our application expertise.


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our First Step Toward a Brighter Future.
You’re not alone. Every accomplished professional once stood where you are now. Starting your career journey can be both exciting and daunting. But with the right guidance, every step can lead to success.

With us, your dreams and ambitions aren’t just understood – they’re prioritized.

Skip the Trial-and-Error: Fast-Track Your Career Launch with Expert Guidance!

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel or stumbling over the first step. Partner with a career consulting firm that understands exactly what new grads face. We’re here to give you the attention and tools you need for a strong start. With personalized advice and proven strategies, we’ll help you navigate the job market and make those early, crucial decisions with confidence. Jumpstart your journey to success today!

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Sr. Career Consultant | CEO

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Sr. Career Consultant | Healthcare Recruiter

Saadia Sophie

Sr. Career Consultant | IT Recruiter

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With Enlightened, you’re not just another resume in the pile; you’re a success story in the making. We’ve navigated this journey time and again, and the results speak for themselves: fulfilled professionals who once stood where you stand now, armed with purpose and a plan.

Ready to turn your question marks into exclamation points? Let’s chart your course from here to career.

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