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Personalized, Hands-on Approach to Job Hunting

Hired + is your ultimate solution for standing out in today’s competitive job market. Tailored for driven individuals, this exclusive service is offered by invitation only to clients we believe we can help secure their dream job. Experience a hands-on, personalized approach to your job search with the following benefits:

Offers Made
Active Recruiters
Active Staffing Agencies

Stand Out with a Professional Brand

Make a Lasting First Impression

  • Professional Resume Crafting: Showcase your strengths, experiences, and achievements with a resume designed to catch employers’ eyes. Clients see a 60% increase in interview callbacks.
  • Compelling LinkedIn Profile: Attract recruiters with a profile that tells your professional story and highlights your value. Profiles optimized for a 40% increase in recruiter outreach.

Interview with Confidence

Master Your Interviews with Confidence

  • Mock Interview Sessions: Regular practice with personalized feedback to polish your answers and presentation. 85% of our clients feel more confident after our interview prep sessions.
  • Industry-Specific Tips: Gain strategies tailored to the roles you’re targeting to ensure you stand out. 70% of clients report improved interview performance.

Stay on Track with Guidance

Navigate Your Career Path with Expert Advice

  • Strategic Career Planning: Monthly sessions with career experts to help you set and achieve realistic career goals. Clients achieve their career goals 50% faster with our guidance.
  • Actionable Insights: Develop plans that keep you on track and moving forward. 90% of clients stay on track with their career plans.

Simplify Your Job Search

Let Us Handle the Applications

  • Hands-On Application Support: We apply to jobs on your behalf, ensuring each application is tailored and professional. Clients save an average of 10 hours per week on job applications.
  • Direct Recruiter Contact: We email recruiters directly to advocate for your profile. 30% increase in recruiter responses for our clients.
  • Targeted Job Leads: Receive curated opportunities that match your skills and aspirations. Clients receive 3x more relevant job leads.
  • Referral to Staffing Agencies: Get connected to staffing agencies and recruiters specializing in your field. 45% of clients get placed through our referrals.

Expand Your Professional Network

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities

  • Exclusive Referrals: Access our extensive network of recruiters and staffing agencies dedicated to placing top talent

Your Success is Our Guarantee

Continuous Support Until You’re Hired

  • Continuous Support: Enjoy ongoing access to all services until you secure a job, at no extra cost.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: Benefit from a dedicated career consultant, resume writer, and continuous application support.

Why Choose Hired +?

Hire + Package

  • Career Consultations
  • Dedicated Resume Writer
  • Job Market Research
  • Professional Resume Crafting
  • (ATS) – Approved with scoring
  • Recruiter Approved
  • Hiring Manager Approved
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Hands-On Job Application Support
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Industry-Specific Interview Tips
  • Direct Recruiter Contact
  • Referrals to Staffing Agencies


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